Flexible logistics and
Warehousing for African Businesses

Shiip is a better way to do your local and International deliveries connecting you to over 82 carriers and network of Warehouses.



Benefits of doing your Delivery with SHiiP

Compare Delivery Fees

You can see and compare delivery fees from over 50 companies and get the best rates from them. Delivery companies like DHL Express, GIG, FedEx/Redstar, USPS, Gokada, Kwik, Barimike, and so much more are available on SHiiP. Try it now!

SHiiP is Accessible On Different Channels:

Right now, SHiiP is available as a Mobile App which you can download from Apple Store or Play Store. It is also available as a WhatsApp Bot, and as a Web App which you can start with here.

Integrate SHiiP to your Website or Marketplace

You can add SHiiP to your ecommerce store or marketplace to easily put in orders for delivery. Find out how.

Know where your items are at all times

You can track your orders and also share the tracking information with your customers so they’ll know its location at all times.

Exact Delivery Dates

Your customers will get an exact delivery date immediately when we pick up their items. This will help them know when to get their package.

Live Tracking Delivery Agents

Your customers will be able to see the delivery agent’s location in real time until they arrive at their address. See how it works here.

We offer 24/7 customer support

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of SHiiP for your business?

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Doing your local & international deliveries with SHiiP is as easy as counting from A to Z, because SHiiP is the most advanced delivery platform in Nigeria.

It’s simple and easy
to set up

Download the SHiiP App on Apple store or Play Store,
or visit the Web App.

Sign up and set up your profile.

Book your delivery and share the tracking links with
your customers right away!

Never lose a local or
international customer again
…no matter their location!

We’ve partnered with multiple local and international
delivery companies with affordable prices to
help you deliver to anywhere in the world

SHiiP works with small, medium and large businesses

We are trusted by 50 plus+ businesses

Start doing your local/international
delivery with SHiiP

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