The Difficulty of Delivery in Nigeria

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Have you ever heard of the term “ghetto” before? We are so tempted to teach you the meaning of all the major Nigerian slangs in this article but we will pass. Anyways, delivery in Nigeria is the real ghetto! Let us start by telling you the story of a nice gentle young Nigerian called Ade who booked a delivery some months ago. This is the point where we tell you that Ade’s eyes saw shege (shege is the Nigerian equivalent of “real-time frustration”). If you happen to live in Nigeria and also have cause to deliver goods, then I can bet you must have also seen shege at some point. Ade simply wanted to send a package from one state in Nigeria to another. As easy as that sounded, it ended up a very complicated frustrating process for Ade.

Whether we like to face it or not, delivery in Nigeria is not always the sweetest experience, different people have experienced different stumbling blocks in the process of delivering goods in Nigeria. Do you ever think to yourself, “Why is delivery in Nigeria so difficult? what is the cause of these difficulties?”.If you want these answers, then you are at the right place. If you proceed with our well-researched reasoning, you might just get to have a clear understanding of this subject.

One of the most cited difficulties in delivery services offered in Nigeria is cost. We’ve heard a lot of people say, “I want to send the package but the cost of sending is just too expensive”. As a matter of fact, we have seen people try to find alternatives like delaying packages till they have people willing to take it on their behalf, we have even seen people change their minds and cancel their initial proposal of sending packages due to the cost of delivery. Ade is a student but this package is so important and it really has to be delivered, despite the high cost, Ade managed to send the package over.

Furthermore, lack of supervision and communication on the part of delivery companies are also huge difficulties in delivery services in Nigeria. Complaints about the inability to get information and updates on deliveries have also been noted by customers and this hinders the smooth flow of delivery for most people like Ade in Nigeria. In addition, there have been several cases of loss and damage of goods and packages in the process of delivery. To make matters worst for Ade, after paying so much to get his package delivered, there was a report of good damage. You can imagine the look on Ade’s face right now.

There are difficulties and limitations but there are also solutions and way-outs. Similarly, as much as there are difficulties in delivery in Nigeria, there is also SHiiP. So Ade signed up at SHiip, and Ade’s delivery life got turned around! At SHiiP, we totally understand the pain and frustration Ade experienced from slow, inefficient, and failed deliveries and we made it our call of duty to turn Ade’s experience around. After Ade signed up with us at SHiiP, he enjoyed the luxury of peaceful, affordable, and seamless delivery. Here are a few goodies Ade enjoyed with us at SHiiP:

  • Access to 50+ logistic companies
  • Ability to choose the perfect courier and price for his delivery
  • Ability to track your orders and share the tracking information with your own customers
  • Getting a price quote for his future deliveries
  • Ability to save delivery details for future usage
  • Enjoyment of 24/7 Customer Service

SHiiP is trusted by over 2000 users in Nigeria and we’ll want you to be one of them. Join the winning team and get on your delivery A-game. We are not just a delivery company, we are a delivery aggregator platform and with us, you can get the burden of stressful deliveries off your shoulders.

Come aboard the SHiiP. Visit to set sail with us.

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