Does my Booking Time Affect the Swiftness of my Deliveries?

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When it comes to delivery in Nigeria, a lot of factors are determinants for success. From the distance, to the weight, to the delivery companies involved, the riders and drivers, among many others. However, one factor uniquely stands out and that factor is TIME! Sounds weird, right? I know you are asking yourself, “what on earth does the time I book a delivery has to do with the success of the delivery”. Considering our experience with over 30 delivery companies and over 2,000 customers, we have realized that the booking time has a whole lot to do with the success of a delivery.

Delivery of goods is slowly becoming a daily necessity for the average Nigerian and as fortunate as it is to have your packages transported on your behalf, there are also equally certain impediments in delivery. There are a million and one stories about slow or failed deliveries on the internet. Let’s continue with this short story– Mr. A, Mrs. B, and Mr. C
all had packages to be delivered on the 1st of January 2022. Mr. A booked his delivery at exactly 8 am in the morning, Mrs. B booked hers at around 12pm and Mr. C booked his at 4 pm. Which of these deliveries do you think is likely to be most successful on the assigned day?

Of course, we all know Mr. A has the highest possibility of success. Now, that brings us back to our question; does time affects the swiftness of my deliveries? Yes, it does! So, how does the booking time affects the swiftness of our deliveries? Most delivery companies get more orders earlier in the day and these orders are always the highest on their priority list. As a result of this, Mr. A will most certainly have his packages delivered soonest. At mid-day, the majority of the delivery companies are already fully booked for the day and are most likely not going to take a package that necessarily has to be delivered on that day. Therefore, Mrs. B has fewer chances of having her package delivered that day. Mr. C on the other hand will have limited logistic companies that can afford to take his package and get it delivered before the day runs out.

What then can Shiip do for both Mrs. B and Mr. A? What happens when we have a package to send out in the middle of the day or late in the evening? Do we subject ourselves to limited available logistics or uncertainty of delivery? At Shiip, both Mrs. B and Mr. A have unlimited access to multiple carriers and logistic companies so they can evaluate which carrier can work best for their late deliveries. With the help of our customer success team at Shiip, we can help Mrs. B and Mr. A schedule their shipments to the most appropriate time that enables swift deliveries and also equally help them to take care of shipments that end up being booked at the least potential hours of the day.

Shiip is growing rapidly and are we are intentional about growth. Our goal is to continue to work on onboarding new merchants as well as our expansion into other African countries.

With Shiip you..

-Get shipment prices

  • Book Shipment

  • Track Shipment

  • View Shipments

  • Check Wallet Balance

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