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Our entire team at SHiiP met physically at the beginning of the month and it was quite an exciting and emotional event. Before you dive into this article, here’s what we do at SHiiP– At SHiiP, we connect you to a huge network of local, national, and international delivery providers and you get to enjoy streamlined delivery and shipping capabilities, real-time rate comparison, discounted shipping rates, tracking, amongst other features.

We are a fully distributed team which means that we work together virtually but on the 4th of May 2022, we all met physically to work together under the same roof in the city of Lagos for three days, and here’s what Gbemisola, one of our teammates has to say about the experience.

Call it a retreat or a meet-up, but I’ll prefer to call it a family reunion. I arrived in the city of Lagos from Abeokuta at around 10 am and the excitement that assembled up in me was quite inexpressible. Here I was, about to physically meet the people I have worked side by side with for the very first time! After a million and one standup meetings, slack messages, Trello notifications, arguments, and agreement, I was going to meet, see and touch my people face to face.

The trip to Lagos was so beautiful, the company had insured our transport costs and had encouraged each of us to make sure to go for the most comfortable forms of transportation. I got to the train station quite early and got to Lagos not long after. One would think it will take us ages to connect since we are all meeting for the very first time, but the opposite was quite our experience at SHiiP. Before heading to our service apartment, a few of us had met up at a location and we all had this instant connection. We got to our service apartment at around 4 pm and we were assigned to our various rooms and facilities.

We all freshened up and ate lunch together before assembling for our usual evening standup meeting which in this case happens to be a physical one instead of the usual virtual meeting. One major highlight from the physical standup meeting for me was the ability to actually present an issue or task to a fellow teammate and have it cleared or settled almost immediately. There was no “Can you see my screen” drama and that really felt nice.

On Friday 5th of March, we had a very prominent guest honor with his presence at the apartment. The CTO of ScholarX, Mr.Maxwell Ogunfuyi came around to spend some time with the team and we had a very educating and interesting session with him. Each of the teammates got the chance to ask him various questions which he took out time to graciously give answers to. Our conversation with him ranged from company policies, startup advice, employee shareholder options, work rate, deadline sustenance, and many more amazing topics. Immediately after we rounded off work that same day, our CEO asked us all out on a dinner date and we all got dressed and headed to a pre-booked restaurant to have dinner together.


On Friday 6th of March, we said the most emotional goodbyes to each other and we all departed back to our various residential cities and destinations. It’s very beautiful and amazing that when we met a few days before our departures, we had met as colleagues but after spending time together, we were leaving as families.

At first, I thought the meetup idea wasn’t going to make so much difference but after experiencing it, I would definitely advise it for any virtual team. It has not only given us a chance to meet each other physically, but it has also given us some sort of friendship and union that we would probably have not gotten if we didn’t participate in the meetup. Also, we got to study each other’s work rate and system of working and this has given us a better understanding and has also enhanced our working system. This is however not in any way aimed at comparing the remote and onsite work experience but rather meant to showcase the beauty of “familyness” in the SHiiP workplace.


SHiiP is growing rapidly and we are intentional about growth. Our goal is to continue to work on onboarding new merchants as well as our expansion into other African countries.

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