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- By Gbemisola Oladetoun

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It’s “Japa” season and we understand that quite a number of people are relocating to and visiting other countries. However, we know that not just people are moving but goods, items, and packages are moving as well. Shipping a package overseas might seem discouraging. Factors like cost of shipping, time rate for delivery, loss of items, and damage of items all make the process dispiriting and intimidating. You’d agree that transporting items from a location to a destination thousands of miles apart can be quite challenging. However, this situation is not a tunnel with no light at its end, at SHiiP, we have efficient and effective systems that have been put in place to serve this need and end complications of international shipping.

Doorstep international delivery
Just like our intra-state and inter-state deliveries, we pick up from your doorstep at the pickup address and deliver to the recipient's doorstep in the destination country. All shipping processes are taken care of by SHiiP and all that is left for both sender and recipient to do is just relax and be taken care of.

Customs duty payment
Customs rates vary for different items in different countries and this can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. When you ship your international orders with us at SHiiP, you do not have to worry about customs duty payment because that would have been taken care of by SHiiP, and its most minimal cost is included in your total shipping fee.

Sealing and packaging
A properly sealed package will not only enhance safety and enhance the lifespan of the items pending their delivery time. We offer exclusive sealing and packaging of products for our customers at SHiiP.

Air waybill
Shipment waybill is generated and forwarded to the customer’s email address for proper accounting and documentation.

It is very important to us at SHiiP that customers get real-time information about the delivery status. We understand how much this practice reinforces trust and strengthens customer services so we ensure that our customers get to maximize the capacity to track their shipments.

Affordable Shipping rates
Shipping abroad does not have to be overpriced and bank-breaking. You can be assured of pocket-friendly rates whenever you ship at SHiiP.

Ultimately, we are with you all the step of the way, from consultation to packaging, to waybill processing, shipping, and delivery, you can always trust the SHiiP that cares!

Over 2000 users trust SHiiP in Nigeria and we’ll want you to be one of them. Join the winning team and get on your delivery A-game. We are not just a delivery company, we are a delivery aggregator platform and with us, you can get the burden of stressful deliveries off your shoulders.
Come aboard the SHiiP. Visit https://linktr.ee/shiip to set sail with us.
Do you need more information? Send us an email at hello@goshiip.com

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