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- By Akoni Semiloore

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Different couriers have different order fulfilment times, but what are those timeframes?

When you're choosing a courier for your business on SHiiP, it's important to know not only how much you will be charged, but also how long it will take these couriers to pick up and deliver your orders. Different couriers have different fulfilment times, and on the SHiiP platform, we have 51 carrier companies to choose from, all with different timelines.

For DHL, you can expect your order to be picked up within 3-5 working days. Topship, another one of our carriers, takes 5-10 working days. Fedex, which is a bit slower, takes 7-14 working days. Of course, these timeframes may vary depending on the country of destination - DHL, for example, is as fast in Nigeria, as it is when shipping to other countries.

If your order isn't a priority, Topship or Fedex will probably be the best carrier for you, as they're more affordable than other courier options . But if you need your order delivered as quickly as possible, you should choose the faster option.

For intra-state orders, we have carriers such as Kwik, Uber, Gokada to name a few that can deliver within 2-3 hours, and others that take 3-5 hours. It all depends on the priority you place on your order. SHiiP will help you handle it and track it from end to end.

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