Tips For Merchants: How To Make Your Business More Valentine's Day Friendly

- By Akoni Semiloore

Home - Feb 6th 23. | 2mins read

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for businesses to show their customers some love and appreciation. Revenue from Valentine’s Day spending was estimated at $19.6 billion in 2020, and with celebrations likely to be bigger than ever this year, there’s no better time for businesses to start planning ways to increase their sales.

Here are three ways businesses can increase their sales this Valentine’s Day season:

  1. Reward your customers with sales discounts: Customers love a good deal, and what better way to show your appreciation than by offering them a discount on their purchases? You can promote your sales discounts on your website, social media, and in any email marketing campaigns you send out. Be sure to include any relevant details, like the dates of the sale and what kinds of products are included.

  2. Make Valentine’s Day an event for all: If you’re a business that usually celebrates Valentine’s Day, why not make it an event for all your customers, not just couples? This can be a great way to show your customer base that you care about them and want them to have a great day. You can do this by decorating your store or office, sending out special Valentine’s Day cards, or even giving away small gifts.

  3. Partner with other businesses to give your customers great deals: Teaming up with other businesses in your area is a great way to give your customers even more reasons to shop with you this Valentine’s Day. You can promote joint sales and discounts, or even put together Valentine’s Day gift baskets with products from all the businesses involved. This is a great way to scale the valentine’s market.

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