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- By Olatedoun Gbemisola

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For a city like Lagos, we can relate to the difficulties vendors and entrepreneurs face regarding storage and warehousing. Exorbitant rent rates, terrible housing conditions, security issues and many more are why it is increasingly challenging to store goods in Lagos and most major cities in Nigeria.

Warehouses are a crucial element of any business, and the recent acquisition of a warehouse by SHiiP is here to serve that purpose for you. The SHiiP warehouse is a secure and convenient storage solution for our customers as it gives them an advantage over other businesses, it was created and structured to add value to the businesses of our customers and additionally, create a competitive advantage for them.

Why should I use SHiiP’s warehouse?

  • Increased Storage Space
    Our warehouse provides ample space for your customers to store their packages and other goods. This will definitely come in handy for our customers that deal in large quantities of items, as we understand that it can be difficult to find enough storage space to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Our warehouse at SHiiP gives our customers the privilege of having a permanent and central location to store goods and help free up space in their own storage facilities.

  • Advanced Security
    Security is a top concern for any business, and this is uniquely true when it comes to storing valuable items. The SHiiP warehouse has been structured in a way that significantly reduces and approximately eradicates the risk of theft, damage, or loss of our customer’s goods. The warehouse has features such as round-the-clock surveillance, fire suppression systems, and access control systems. With these security measures in place, our customers have full assurance and confidence in the safety of their goods.

  • Inventory Management
    The SHiiP warehouse provides customers with tools and people that can help our customers manage their inventory and keep track of the quantities of items stored. With the ability to track inventory in real time, our customers will be able to make more informed decisions about what items need to be restocked and when. This will consequently lead to increase efficiency, better record keeping and cost-effectiveness for our customers.

  • Accessibility
    Located at Surulere Lagos, the SHiiP warehouse was designed to be easily accessible from all areas in Lagos. Apart from its location favouring accessibility for customers, the warehouse also provides easy and convenient access to stored items, so customers and businesses can retrieve items quickly and efficiently.

  • Cost Savings and Affordability
    By using our warehouse, our customers can potentially save on costs associated with storage, such as rent, utilities, and staffing. Our warehouse is designed to be highly efficient, with a focus on reducing waste and maximizing the use of space. Our warehouse services are very much cost-effective and affordable, we provide unique pricing strategies for our customers while simultaneously taking into consideration their business type, objectives and need

  • Easy Dispatch
    Isn’t it nice and convenient to have the same company manage your business warehousing and logistics? We have structured the warehousing services in ways that make it easy to dispatch goods directly to intrastate, interstate and international customers.

Ultimately, our customers at SHiiP stand to benefit in many ways from the newly acquired warehouse. Whether they need more storage space, security, inventory management, better accessibility, cost-saving benefits or dispatching services, our warehouse at SHiiP has something to offer.

Over 2000 users trust SHiiP in Nigeria and we’ll want you to be one of them. Join the winning team and get on your delivery and warehousing A-game. We are not just a delivery company, we are a delivery aggregator platform and with us, you can get the burden of stressful deliveries off your shoulders.
Come aboard the SHiiP. Visit https://linktr.ee/shiip to set sail with us.
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